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Arsene Marian Alain alain.arsene at uah.es
Sat Nov 18 15:35:13 UTC 2023

Dear slurm community,

I run slurm 21.08.1 under Rocky Linux 8.5 on my small HPC cluster and am trying to configure job_container/tmpfs to manage the temporary directories.

I have a shared nfs drive "/home" and a local "/scratch" (with permissions 1777) on each node.

For each submitted job I manually create a directory with the "JOB_ID.$USER" in the local "/scratch" which is where all the temp files for the job will be generated. Now, I would like to do these automatically (especially to remove the directory when the job finishes or is canceled):

I added the following parameters in my /etc/slurm.conf:


So, I have created the "job_container.conf" in the directory "/etc/slurm"
with the following configuration:


Then, I replicated the changes to all nodes and restarted the slurm daemons.

Finally, when I launch the job a directory with the "JOB_ID" is created in the local "/scratch" of the compute node. The only problem is that the owner of the directory is "root" and the user who submitted the job doesn't have read and write permissions to that directory (other users do not either).

I would like that:

1) The name of the automatically created directory will be: "JOB_ID.$USER"
2) The owner of the directory will be the user who submitted the job, not "root".

Please, could someone help me?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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