[slurm-users] hi-priority partition and preemption

Fabrizio Roccato f.roccato at isac.cnr.it
Wed May 24 11:17:41 UTC 2023

Hi all,
	i'm trying to have two overlapping partition, say normal and hi-pri,
so that when jobs are launched in the second one they can preempt the jobs
allready running in the first one, automatically putting them in suspend
state. After completition, the jobs in the normal partition must be
automatically resumed.

here are my (relevant) slurm.conf settings:

> PreemptMode=suspend,gang
> PreemptType=preempt/partition_prio
> PartitionName=normal Nodes=node0[01-08] MaxTime=1800 PriorityTier=100 AllowAccounts=group1,group2 OverSubscribe=FORCE:20 PreemptMode=suspend
> PartitionName=hi-pri Nodes=node0[01-08] MaxTime=360 PriorityTier=500 AllowAccounts=group2 OverSubscribe=FORCE:20 PreemptMode=off

But so, jobs in the hi-pri partition where put in PD state and the ones
allready running in the normal partition continue in their R status.
What  i'm wrong? What i'm missing?

Since i have jobs thath must run at specific time and must have priority over
all others, is this the correct way to do?



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