[slurm-users] PMIx + openMPI with heterogeneous jobs

Bertini, Denis Dr. D.Bertini at gsi.de
Wed May 24 07:18:07 UTC 2023

I am facing the same problem that was quoted long ago (2019) in this mailing mailing reference:


but with more recent version of slurm i.e:

slurm 21.08.8-2
PMIx 2.2.5 (pmix-2.2.5-1.el8.src.rpm)
openMPI 4.1.5

In  a similar way to my predecessor, running MPI heterogeneous jobs (OSU benchmarks) using this
slurm+PMIx version installed on the host gives sporadically this type of error

slurmstepd: error:  mpi/pmix_v2: _tcp_connect: lxbk1177 [0]: pmixp_dconn_tcp.c:139: Cannot establish the connection
slurmstepd: error:  mpi/pmix_v2: pmixp_dconn_connect: lxbk1177 [0]: pmixp_dconn.h:246: Cannot establish direct connection to lxbk1177 (0)
slurmstepd: error:  mpi/pmix_v2: _process_extended_hdr: lxbk1177 [0]: pmixp_server.c:738: Unable to connect to 0
slurmstepd: error:  mpi/pmix_v2: pmixp_coll_ring_check: lxbk1177 [0]: pmixp_coll_ring.c:618: 0x14cd84047ab0: unexpected contrib from lxbk1177:0, expected is 1
slurmstepd: error:  mpi/pmix_v2: _process_server_request: lxbk1177 [0]: pmixp_server.c:942: 0x14cd84047ab0: unexpected contrib from lxbk1177:0, coll->seq=0, seq=0

So very similar problem indeed.
Additionally when the jobs completes, from time to time it cannot finish properly and stay in RUNNING state an one needs to manually
cancel the job.

Is the hetjob functionality really supporting this case?
If yes, any ideas what can be wrong here?

Job submission details:

- submit script:

sbatch --ntasks 1 --ntasks-per-core 1 --cpus-per-task 2   -p main  -D ./data -o %j.out.log -e %j.err.log : --ntasks 1 --ntasks-per-core 1 --cpus-per-task 1  -p main  -D ./data -o %j.out.log -e %j.err.log  ./run-file.sh

- run-file.sh:

export CONT=<std_singularity_container>.sif

srun  -vv --mpi=pmix --export=ALL : $CONT collective/osu_allreduce -f -i 100 -x 10

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