[slurm-users] Question about PMIX ERROR messages being emitted by some child of srun process

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Mon May 22 21:31:46 UTC 2023

Hi Tommi, Howard,

On 5/22/23 12:16 am, Tommi Tervo wrote:

> 23.02.2 contains PMIx permission regression, it may be worth to check if it's case?

I confirmed I could replicate the UNPACK-INADEQUATE-SPACE messages 
Howard is seeing on a test system, so I tried that patch on that same 
system without any change. :-(

Looking at the PMIx code base the messages appear to come from that code 
(the triggers are in src/mca/bfrops/) and I saw I could set 
PMIX_DEBUG=verbose to get more info on the problem, but when I set that 
these messages go away entirely. :-/

Very odd.

Chris Samuel  :  http://www.csamuel.org/  :  Berkeley, CA, USA

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