[slurm-users] How do I set SBATCH_EXCLUSIVE to its default value?

Carl Ponder cponder at nvidia.com
Fri May 19 10:36:16 UTC 2023

The SBATCH_EXCLUSIVE environment-variable is supposed to be equivalent 
to using the --exclusive flag on the command-line or in the sbatch-header

> *--exclusive*[={user|mcs}]
>     The job allocation can not share nodes with other running jobs (or
>     just other users with the "=user" option or with the "=mcs"
>     option). If user/mcs are not specified (i.e. the job allocation
>     can not share nodes with other running jobs), the job is allocated
>     all CPUs and GRES on all nodes in the allocation, but is only
>     allocated as much memory as it requested. This is by design to
>     support gang scheduling, because suspended jobs still reside in
>     memory. To request all the memory on a node, use *--mem=0*. The
>     default shared/exclusive behavior depends on system configuration
>     and the partition's *OverSubscribe* option takes precedence over
>     the job's option. NOTE: Since shared GRES (MPS) cannot be
>     allocated at the same time as a sharing GRES (GPU) this option
>     only allocates all sharing GRES and no underlying shared GRES.
>     *NOTE*: This option is mutually exclusive with *--oversubscribe*.
>     Same as *--exclusive* 
I get that these correspond

    --exclusive=user        export SBATCH_EXCLUSIVE=user
    --exclusive=mcs         export SBATCH_EXCLUSIVE=mcs

But --exclusive has a default behavior if I don't assign it a value. 
What do I set SBATCH_EXCLUSIVE to, to get the same default behavior?

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