[slurm-users] On the ability of coordinators

Groner, Rob rug262 at psu.edu
Wed May 17 13:40:14 UTC 2023

I was asked to see if coordinators could do anything in this scenario:

  *   Within the account that they coordinated, User A submitted 1000s of jobs and left for the day.
  *   Within the same account, User B wanted to run a few jobs really quickly.  Once submitted, his jobs were of course behind User A's jobs.
  *   The coordinator wanted to see the results of User B's runs.

Reading the docs and doing some experiments, here is what I determined:

  *   The coordinator could put a hold on all of User A's jobs in the pending queue.  This won't affect any jobs User A has that aren't tied to the coordinated account.
  *   With User A's jobs held, then User B's jobs would be next to run.
  *   If the coordinator was particularly impatient, he could scancel User A's currently running jobs so that User B's jobs immediately started.
  *   The coordinator would need to remember to release the held jobs, or put them in a uhold so that User A could release them eventually.

It seems like the easiest way for the coordinator to elevate User B's jobs to the top of the queue would be if he could "scontrol top" those jobs.  But my testing indicates that the coordinator doesn't have that permission.  Is there some reason that a coordinator can't use "scontrol top" to change the priority of jobs within the account that he coordinates?



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