[slurm-users] New future and roadmap for Slurm-web

Rémi Palancher remi at rackslab.io
Mon May 8 08:08:46 UTC 2023

Hi Slurm community,

Slurm-web is an open source web interface for Slurm workload manager : http://rackslab.github.io/slurm-web/

The project was born in 2015(*), it was originally funded by EDF [2] (huge thanks to them!) and it reached a nice and unique feature set with versions 2.x. Unfortunately, the software has suffered during the last years from lowered maintenance and investment.

Today, Slurm-web is being endorsed by Rackslab[3], a small company focused on development of open source solutions for HPC operations, which becomes its new official maintainer. A new ambitious roadmap has been defined with long-term vision about this project, starting with version 3.0 coming later this year.

In addition to existing Slurm-web feature set, the following new features are planned:

- Near real-time updates of the dashboard
- Accounting reports and vizualisation on past jobs
- Built-in metrics about jobs and scheduling
- Job submission and inspection
- Vastly improved Gantt view
- GPGPU support
- QOS, associations and reservations management
- Native RPM/deb packages and containers for easy deployment on most Linux distributions

The software architecture will be reworked with modern established technologies, it will notably be based on reference slurmrestd REST API. The source code will remain free, published under GPLv3, in conformity with Rackslab commitment for free software community.

Our goal is clearly to build the reference open source web interface for all users of Slurm based HPC clusters.

More details about the roadmap has been published in project discussions on Github: https://github.com/rackslab/slurm-web/discussions/235

You are more than welcome to discuss about it there, ask questions and give comments!

Best regards,

(*) The original announcement can still be found in the archives of this mailing-list! [1]
[1] https://groups.google.com/g/slurm-users/c/LiD2Pa8r22A/m/fDHWm5GomJsJ
[2] https://www.edf.fr/en
[3] https://rackslab.io
Rémi Palancher
Rackslab: Open Source Solutions for HPC Operations

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