[slurm-users] Several slurmdbds against one mysql server?

Angel de Vicente angel.de.vicente at iac.es
Mon May 1 07:22:40 UTC 2023


This is the first time that I'm installing Slurm, so things are not very
clear to me yet (even more so for multi-cluster operation).

Brian Andrus <toomuchit at gmail.com> writes:

> You can do it however you like. You asked if there was a good or existing way to
> do it easily, that was provided. Up to you if you want to write your own scripts
> that do the work and manage that, or just have to learn the ins and outs of
> running sreport.

I'm not sure what scripts you have in mind above, since as far as I can
see I already have a working solution for what I need (i.e. keep all job
records from different clusters in a single database).

But let's say I go for the federated cluster option. I think my question
still holds. Let's say, for clarity, that I have two clusters (CA and
CB) and another machine (DB) where I will store the mysql database. As
far as I can see, in terms of the daemons running in each machine, I can
implement the whole thing in two ways:

option 1)
  CA: slurmd, slurmctld (AccountingStorageHost: DB)
  CB: slurmd, slurmctld (AccountingStorageHost: DB)
  DB: slurmdbd, mysqld 

option 2)
  CA: slurmd, slurmctld, slurmdbd (StorageHost: DB)
  CB: slurmd, slurmctld, slurmdbd (StorageHost: DB)
  DB: mysqld

By reading the documentation on multi-cluster and federated clusters I
think option 1) is the preferred way, but I was just trying to
understand why and what are the pros/cons of each option.

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