[slurm-users] Getting usage reporting from sacct/sreport

Thomas Arildsen thomas at arildsen.org
Sat Mar 25 15:18:46 UTC 2023

I am experimenting with getting information from a Slurm cluster on how
many resources each user has been consuming. I would like to get
accumulated amount of CPU and GPU time over specified periods. GPU
resources reported by type of GPU would be extra helpful.
I am currently looking at sacct where I try options like:

sacct -a --starttime=2023-03-21T00:00 --

"tresusageintot" shows me:
"cpu=00:00:20,energy=0,fs/disk=0,mem=0,pages=3465,vmem=285140K ", so
GPU information does not seem to be included and I have found no other
option that can tell me.
Also, it shows me individual job steps which I would really just like
to aggregate. In fact I would just like to aggregate per user and
ignore individual jobs.

I have also tried `sreport`, but I cannot really get anything useful
out of it at the user level. For example:

sreport user TopUsage
Top 10 Users 2023-03-21T00:00:00 - 2023-03-21T23:59:59 (86400 secs)
Usage reported in CPU Minutes
 Cluster     Login     Proper Name         Account      Used   Energy 
--------- --------- --------------- --------------- --------- --------

It just gives me an empty table with no user information. I am guessing
something is not configured right here to be storing that data.

I have "AccountingStorageTRES=gres/gpu" in slurm.conf. I am not sure
what more I should perhaps put here.

I hope someone can advise on what I am missing here and how I can best
get the usage stats I am hoping for.
Best regards,


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