[slurm-users] External Authentication Integration with JWKS and RS256 Tokens

Laurence laurence.field at cern.ch
Thu Mar 23 10:23:57 UTC 2023


I am trying to configure SLURM to use external authentication for JWT as 
described in the documentation.


JWT Authentication worked when I tested the setup for standalone use but 
am having difficulty with tokens from our oauth provider.

My first question is has anyone successfully done this? My second 
question is on the example code to verify the jwt key. Is the example up 
to date as it doesn't work for me. The final question is does anyone 
have any suggestions on the concrete error reported in the slurmctld log.

/slurmctld: error: failed to verify jwt, rc=22//
//slurmctld: error: could not find matching kid or decode failed/


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