[slurm-users] RLIMIT_NPROCS

Hermann Schwärzler hermann.schwaerzler at uibk.ac.at
Thu Mar 23 09:01:39 UTC 2023

Hi Marcus,

I am not sure if this is helpful but from looking at the source code of 
Slurm (line 276 of src/slurmd/slurmstepd/ulimits.c in version 22.05) it 
looks like you are explicitly using
to set resource limits (the one you see when running
"ulimit -a") on the workers the same as on the submit host.

The error "Invalid argument" is returned when Slurm wants to set the 
hard limit lower than the (default?) soft limit (in this particular case 
for the maximum number of processes
("ulimit -u")).
Maybe your hard limit for that on the submit host is configured to be 
lower than it is on the worker nodes; Slurm gets this error and shows it 
to you as you were using the --propagate option?


On 3/23/23 08:00, Wagner, Marcus wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> has anyone ever stumbled upon such an error:
> slurmstepd: error: Can't propagate RLIMIT_NPROC of 767202 from submit 
> host: Invalid argument
> Anyone knows, where that comes from?
> Any hints are welcome.
> Best
> Marcus

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