[slurm-users] Get Job Array information in Epilog script

Timo Rothenpieler timo.rothenpieler at uni-bremen.de
Fri Mar 17 11:15:33 UTC 2023


I'm currently facing a bit of an issue regarding cleanup after a job 

I've added the following bit of Shellscript to our clusters Epilog script:

>         WORKDIR="/work/${SLURM_JOB_USER}/${d}"
>         if [ -e "${WORKDIR}" ]; then
>                 rm -rf "${WORKDIR}"
>         fi
> done

However, it did not end up working to clean up working directories of 

After some investigation, I found the reason in the documentation:

 > Available in PrologSlurmctld, SrunProlog, TaskProlog, 
EpilogSlurmctld, SrunEpilog and TaskEpilog.

So, now I wonder... how am I supposed to get that information in the 
Epilog script? The whole job is part of an array, so how do I get the 
information at a job level?

The "obvious alternative" based on that documentation would be to put 
that bit of code into a TaskEpilog script. But my understanding of that 
is that the script would run after each one of potentially multiple 
srun-launched tasks in the same job, and would then clean up the 
work-dir while the job would still use it?

I only want to do that bit of cleanup when the job is terminating.

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