[slurm-users] Partition Hold/Release

Wagner, Marcus wagner at itc.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Mar 14 10:25:48 UTC 2023

Hi Nicolas,

you could use the prioritytier for partitions:

>        PriorityTier
>               Jobs submitted to a partition with a higher PriorityTier 
> value will be evaluated by the scheduler before pending jobs in a 
> partition with a lower PriorityTier value. They  will
>               also  be  considered  for preemption of running jobs in 
> partition(s) with lower PriorityTier values if 
> PreemptType=preempt/partition_prio.  The value may not exceed 65533.  Also
>               see PriorityJobFactor.



Am 06.03.2023 um 19:33 schrieb Nicolas Sonoda:
> Hi!
> Can I create a partition with a capacity of hold and release jobs when 
> another partition jobs is submited? For example, the partition *one* 
> and *two* can hold their jobs when some job of partition *three* is 
> submited, and after this job completes the partition *one *and *two* 
> releases their jobs again.
> Thank you.
> Nícolas
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