[slurm-users] Too many associations

Jackson, Gary L. Gary.Jackson at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jun 29 18:19:52 UTC 2023

We have a set of idiosyncratic requirements imposed on us:

1. There are on the order of 10^3 different budget codes. Maybe even 10^4 once this thing gets cooking. That list will change a little bit every day, and may change a lot at certain times of the year.
2. There are on the order of 10^2 different users.
3. Any user can submit a job to any budget code.
4. A job must be associated with exactly one budget code.
5. Only a very small subset of those budget codes will actually get used, but they will not be enumerated beforehand.

Is there any way to do this that avoids both:

1. Creating an unmanageable number of associations.
2. Doesn’t have a loophole that permits violation of (4) above, which various script-based enforcements do.

I’ve considered automatically managing that ridiculously long list of associations, but that just seems like a bad idea.



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