[slurm-users] spreading jobs out across the cluster

Stephen Berg, Code 7309 stephen.berg at nrlssc.navy.mil
Wed Jun 14 10:49:16 UTC 2023

I'm currently testing a new slurm setup before converting an existing 
pbs/torque grid over.  Right now I've got 8 nodes in one partition, 48 
cores on each.  There's a second partition of older systems configured 
as 4 core nodes so the users can run some serial jobs.

During some testing I've noticed that jobs always seem to take the nodes 
in a top down fashion.  If I queue up a bunch of 3 node jobs they take 
nodes 1, 2 and 3 for one job, 4,5 and 6 for another. Nodes 7 and 8 never 
get used.  I'd like to have slurm spread the jobs out across the nodes 
in a round robin fashion or even randomly.  My config is really basic 
right now, I'm using defaults for most everything.

Which settings could get the jobs spread out across the nodes in each 
partition a bit more fairly?

Stephen Berg, IT Specialist, Ocean Sciences Division, Code 7309
Naval Research Laboratory
W:   (228) 688-5738
DSN: (312) 823-5738
C:   (228) 365-0162
Email: stephen.berg at nrlssc.navy.mil  <- (Preferred contact)
Flank Speed: stephen.p.berg.civ at us.navy.mil

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