[slurm-users] monitoring and accounting

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Jun 12 07:20:31 UTC 2023

Hi Andrew,

On 6/12/23 01:43, Andrew Elwell wrote:
> Are your slurm to influx scripts publicly available anywhere? I do 
> something similar for squeue via python subprocess to call
> squeue -M all -a -o "%P,%a,%u,%D,%q,%T,%r"
> And some sinfo calls for node/cpu usage:
> sinfo -M {} -o "%P,%a,%F"
> sinfo -M {} -o "%%R,%a,%C,%B,%z"
> But I'd be interested to see what other places do. Perhaps some examples 
> could be gathered for Ole's wiki?

I'd be happy to copy examples and links to documentation to the Wiki.  I 
guess this would be the best place?



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