[slurm-users] Can't get --reboot to work at all with slurm-23.02?

Heinz, Michael michael.heinz at intel.com
Wed Jun 7 14:50:26 UTC 2023

Hey, all.

So I added slurmdbd to our slurm-23.02 install and made my account an admin, but when I try to do a srun with --reboot it literally just sits forever, no errors, nothing in the logs, it just sits with the node in "CF" state until I cancel the job, set the node to down and back to idle again.

I tried setting RebootProgram to a script that just writes to a file in /tmp but the program never runs.

Any suggestions?

Michael Heinz
End-to-End Network Software Engineer
michael.heinz at intel.com<mailto:michael.heinz at intel.com>

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