[slurm-users] Cloud node utilization reporting

Chip Seraphine cseraphine at DRWHoldings.com
Tue Jun 6 15:33:45 UTC 2023


I’ve got a problem that I’d imagine others have as well and am wondering how it is handled.

I produce periodic reports for my management showing, among other things, the overall “cluster utilization”, which we define as basically the ratio of CPU*Minutes allocated to CPU*Minutes available.   It’s a simplistic but handy metric for projecting growth, among other things.

Currently I grab this by running “sreport cluster utilization” and dividing “allocated” by “allocated + idle”, which gives us a pretty reasonable number.  However, we recently added some cloud-based partitions.  I was hoping that idle nodes with state=CLOUD would not show up in this sreport output, but unfortunately they do.     Our cloud partitions are almost never used (they are essentially for emergencies), but because they are quite large it has dropped the computed utilization enormously.   Management is really only interested in the utilization of our on-prem components.

I can kludge this by manually subtracting out the ( (number of CPUs in all cloud partitions) * (number of minutes in the reporting period) ), but that would require me to determine and add back in all allocated minutes for cloud jobs, keep track of intra-day changes to the partition sizes, etc.

Are others encountering similar problems?   And if so, how do you resolve them?


Chip Seraphine
Grid Operations
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