[slurm-users] configure script can't find nvml.h or libnvidia-ml.so

Jan Andersen jan at comind.io
Wed Jul 19 09:47:07 UTC 2023

I'm trying to build slurm with nvml support, but configure doesn't find it:

root at zorn:~/slurm-23.02.3# ./configure --with-nvml
checking for hwloc installation... /usr
checking for nvml.h... no
checking for nvmlInit in -lnvidia-ml... yes
configure: error: unable to locate libnvidia-ml.so and/or nvml.h


root at zorn:~/slurm-23.02.3# find / -xdev -name nvml.h
root at zorn:~/slurm-23.02.3# find / -xdev -name libnvidia-ml.so

I tried to figure out how to tell configure where to find them, but the 
script is a bit eye-watering; how should I do?

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