[slurm-users] Slurm node history / log ?

Roberto Monti Roberto.PolverelliMonti at jax.org
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Hi Bill,
Your best bet is probably /var/log/slurmctld on the server that is acting as active controller.


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Good day.

Is there some command that I can use in Slurm to see a node's history?

Not the job history, but the state history.

Something like:
Jul  5 13:11:01 node01 taken offline by slurmctld because node01 not responding

Jul  5 13:11:01 node01 taken offline by USER1 state=DRAIN reason="System acting up, going to reboot"

Jul  5 13:11:01 node01 online by USER1

My goal/idea is to see if a node has been having problems according to Slurm itself.
Or if someone DOWNed a node for some reason.
Or to see if a node was down and just returned to service recently.

Does anything like that already exist in Slurm?


- Bill
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