[slurm-users] Slurm Configless error

Paul Brunk pbrunk at uga.edu
Tue Aug 29 15:40:04 UTC 2023


In my experience this usually means the compute node can’t talk to the slurmctld TCP port on the slurm controller (firewall?), or the controller host isn’t resolving the compute node’s name (short hostname vs FQDN, for example).  I’d look at slurmctld and slurmd logs—you should see a useful complaint in one of those, whatever the cause.

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I'm encountering the following errors on my node:
Aug 29 12:24:48 n01 slurmd[9484]: error: _fetch_child: failed to fetch remote configs
Aug 29 12:24:48 n01 slurmd[9483]: error: _establish_configuration: failed to load configs
Aug 29 12:24:48 n01 slurmd[9483]: error: slurmd initialization failed

I disabled Slurm's Configless, copied the configuration files to the nodes, and restarted the services, but this error keeps being returned.

Could you please help me with this?



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