[slurm-users] Submitting jobs from machines outside the cluster

Steven Swanson sjswanson at ucsd.edu
Sun Aug 27 06:17:39 UTC 2023

Can I submit jobs with a computer/docker container that is not part of the
slurm cluster?

I'm trying to set up slurm as the backend for a system with Jupyter
Notebook-based front end.

The jupyter notebooks are running in containers managed by Jupyter Hub,
which is a mostly turnkey system for providing docker containers that users
can access via jupyter.

I would like the jupyter containers to be able to submit jobs to slurm, but
making them part of the cluster doesn't seem to make sense because:

1.  They are dynamically created and don't have known hostnames.
2.  They aren't supposed to run jobs.

Is there a way to do this?  I tried just running slurmd in the jupyter
containers, but it complained about not being able to figure out its name
(I think because the container's hostname is not listed in slurm.conf).

My fall back solution is to use ssh to connect to the slurm head node and
run jobs there, but that seems kludgy.

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