[slurm-users] How to use partition option "Hidden"?

Erin Gwen Roberts erin at csail.mit.edu
Thu Aug 24 15:10:08 UTC 2023


I would like to set a partition to Hidden, and allow members of the  
appropriate Account to see this partition when running `sinfo` with no  

This partition is configured with AllowAccounts=<account> and  
AllowGroups=<group>.  <user> is a member of the Slurm account  
<account>, verified with `sacctmgr show assoc where user=<user>`.

I am running Slurm 23.02.4, and I am testing the behavior with `sudo  
-u <user> sinfo`.  I presume this test is accurate because as an admin  
user, `sinfo` shows all partitions, but when I impersonate the user  
like this, `sinfo` shows only the partitions that have Hidden=NO.

I would prefer to do this with only AllowAccounts, but if this only  
works with AllowGroups, that's not a big deal.

We intend to add partitions corresponding to many small research  
groups, and it would be lovely to have `sinfo` output be clean and  
clear, rather than showing all partitions.  What could I be doing  
wrong, that Hidden= doesn't seem to be taking into account  
AllowAccounts= or AllowGroups=?

Thanks for your help,

Erin Roberts
System Administrator
The Infrastructure Group

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