[slurm-users] Unconfigured GPUs being allocated

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Thu Aug 3 00:17:25 UTC 2023

On 7/14/23 1:10 pm, Wilson, Steven M wrote:

> It's not so much whether a job may or may not access the GPU but rather 
> which GPU(s) is(are) included in $CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES. That is what 
> controls what our CUDA jobs can see and therefore use (within any 
> cgroups constraints, of course). In my case, Slurm is sometimes setting 
> $CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES to a GPU that is not in the Slurm configuration 
> because it is intended only for driving the display and not GPU 
> computations.

Sorry I didn't see this before! Yeah that does sound different, I 
wouldn't expect that. :-(

All the best,
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