[slurm-users] Several slurmdbds against one mysql server?

Angel de Vicente angel.de.vicente at iac.es
Sat Apr 29 09:44:57 UTC 2023


I'm setting Slurm in a number of machines and (at least for the moment)
we don't plan to let users submit across machines, so the initial plan
was to install Slurm+slurmdbd+mysql in every machine.

But in order to get stats for all the machines and to simplify things a
bit, I'm planning now to have only on mysql server running in a separate
machine and to collect all job data there.

What would make more sense?
  + 1) to install only one slurmdbd+mysql and configure all slurmctlds to
  communicate with the single slurmdbd, or
  + 2) to have a slurmdbd in every machine and only one mysql to which all
  slurmdbds connect?

Right now I have 2) working, but I wonder if there are pros/cons that I
have not considered yet for option 1)

Any tips/pointers appreciated. Cheers,
Ángel de Vicente
 Research Software Engineer (Supercomputing and BigData)
 Tel.: +34 922-605-747
 Web.: http://research.iac.es/proyecto/polmag/

 GPG: 0x8BDC390B69033F52
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