[slurm-users] Debian dist-upgrade?

Steffen Grunewald steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de
Wed Apr 26 09:20:58 UTC 2023

Hi all,

after several delays, we're done with the move now.

On Tue, 2023-02-07 at 14:54:55 +0100, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> Hi Loris,
> On Tue, 2023-01-24 at 16:48:26 +0100, Loris Bennett wrote:
> > Hi Steffen,
> > 
> > Could you create/find a deb-package for a Slurm 19.x version to use as
> > an intermediate?  Never having built such a package, I don't now how
> > much trouble that would be.
> Actually, I found a 20.02.6 version that spent quite some time in the
> Debian repositories (that would be two major releases after 18.08.5
> and therefore should be OK).
> I was able to build Debian packages for Buster from that source package,
> and *might* be able to use the dbd package to obtain a database dump
> that could be further processed by Bullseye's proper slurmdbd (20.11.4).

We're now done with the procedure, mainly following "the reference"
(i.e. Ole's "Slurm database" wiki page).

Doing so, with the intermediate 20.02 release built for Buster and installed
over the 18.08 one provided by the Debian repositories, we found that it's
*not* sufficient to just upgrade the DB (by starting the intermediate
slurmdbd once) but, to get a consistent state for slurmctld, also to run
the intermediate slurmctld before saving and copying the SlurmSaveState

After that, getting 20.11 running on the new ctld/dbd machine was no
major problem; maybe we find one when querying the history at the beginning
of the next month.
We just failed to use an alias name ("slurmmaster") for the new machine,
since Slurm checks the FQDN returned by `hostname -f` and we didn't want
to change that.
(Personally I think this reaction is a bit "overmotivated", and perhaps
can be addressed or worked around in another way - until we can setup a
dedicated machine for Slurm purposes. But with the "real" name it works.)

Thanks to all who provided suggestions!


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