[slurm-users] gres/gpu count reported lower than configured

Geleßus, Achim A.Gelessus at jacobs-university.de
Fri Oct 21 16:17:00 UTC 2022

Yes, you are right. AutoDetect=off in the gres.conf file solved the
problem! Thank you very much!!

Best wishes


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I've encountered that many times, and for me, it was always related to AutoDetect and the nvidia-ml library.  Does your slurmd log contain a line like "debug:  skipping GRES for NodeName=t-gc-1202  AutoDetect=nvml"?  I see that you didn't specifically set AutoDetect to nvml in gres.conf, but maybe you should set AutoDetect=off just to be sure.

If "sinfo" shows an "inval" node, then setting them to Resume (not Idle) won't work until you figure out why it thinks the node configuration is invalid.

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