[slurm-users] ABI Stability

Michael Milton michael.r.milton at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 06:29:55 UTC 2022

Hi, I've been looking into writing applications that can efficiently query
and interact with the SLURM job queue and accounting system. For this
reason my initial instinct was to write a Rust application that uses the
libslurm ABI to avoid inefficiently spawning subprocesses. However a quick
look into past projects suggests that the ABI was never stable, and this
seems to have deterred effort in this direction:

Considering this, my question is about which APIs (ABI, CLI, other?) are
considered stable and worth targeting from a third party application. In
addition, is there any initiative to making the ABI stable, because it
seems like it would be by far the most performant, and I can therefore see
merit in aiming at this goal.

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