[slurm-users] Per-user TRES summary?

Pacey, Mike m.pacey at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Nov 28 15:16:26 UTC 2022

Hi folks,

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to produce a summary of a user's TRES resources for running jobs? I'd like to able to see how each user is fairing against their qos resource limits. (I'm looking for something functionally equivalent to Grid Engine's qquota command). The info must be in the scheduler somewhere in order for it to enforce qos TRES limits, but as a SLURM novice I've not found any way to do this.

To summarise TRES qos limits I can do this:

% sacctmgr list qos format=Name,MaxTRESPerUser%50
      Name                                          MaxTRESPU
---------- --------------------------------------------------
    normal                                    cpu=80,mem=320G

But to work out what a user is currently using in currently running jobs, the nearest I can work out is:

% sacct -X -s R --units=G -o User,ReqTRES%50
     User                                            ReqTRES
--------- --------------------------------------------------
    pacey                   billing=1,cpu=1,mem=0.49G,node=1
    pacey                   billing=1,cpu=1,mem=0.49G,node=1

With a little scripting I can sum those up, but there might be a neater way to do this?


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