[slurm-users] [ext] REST API Error Slurmdb

Nikolis, Georgios georgios.nikolis at charite.de
Thu Nov 17 09:18:31 UTC 2022


we had a similar issue in the past. We had to set config options AuthAltTypes and AuthAltParameters also in slurmdbd.conf, e.g.



That did the trick for db API queries.





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Hello everyone.


I installed Slurm 20.11.09 and installed mariadb, slurmdb and slurmrest normally.

After issuing the jwt token, API test was performed.





I tested this APIs and there was no special problem.

However, an error occurred in the slurmdb api.



   "meta": {

     "plugin": {

       "type": "openapi\/dbv0.0.36",

       "name": "REST DB v0.0.36"


     "Slurm": {

       "version": {

         "major": 20,

         "micro": 9,

         "minor": 11


       "release": "20.11.9"



   "errors": [


       "error_number": -1,

       "error": "Unspecified error",

       "source": "slurmdb_get_stats"





The following error message was displayed on the slurmdbd.log file.


[2022-11-17T13:46:01.451] error: g_slurm_auth_unpack: remote plugin_id 102 not found

[2022-11-17T13:46:01.451] error: slurm_unpack_received_msg: g_slurm_auth_unpack: REQUEST_PERSIST_INIT has authentication error: No error

[2022-11-17T13:46:01.451] error: slurm_unpack_received_msg: Header lengths are longer than data received

[2022-11-17T13:46:01.461] error: CONN:11 Failed to unpack SLURM_PERSIST_INIT message


The sacct command is executed normally.


sacct --brief

       JobID      State ExitCode

------------ ---------- --------

2             COMPLETED      0:0

2.batch       COMPLETED      0:0

3             COMPLETED      0:0

3.batch       COMPLETED      0:0

4             COMPLETED      0:0

4.batch       COMPLETED      0:0

5             COMPLETED      0:0

5.batch       COMPLETED      0:0



What's the problem?






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