[slurm-users] Why job memory request may be automatically set by Slurm to RealMemory of some node?

Taras Shapovalov tshapovalov at nvidia.com
Fri Nov 4 07:48:34 UTC 2022


I noticed a weird behavior of Slurm 21 and 22. When the following conditions are satisfied, then Slurm implicitly sets job memory request equal to RealMemory of some node (perhaps first node that satisfies other job's requests, but this is not documented, or I could not find in the documentation):
 - RealMemory is specified explicitly in slurm.conf for NodeName line,
 - no DefMemPerXXX is specified in slurm.conf,
 - user does not specify memory request,
 - cons_tres plugin is configured.

Should it be set at least to FreeMemory, or even left empty?

Best regards,

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