[slurm-users] rpmbuild with custom sysconfdir not working in 21.08.8

Kevin Buckley Kevin.Buckley at pawsey.org.au
Wed May 25 06:48:47 UTC 2022

On 2022/05/25 03:08, Marko Markoc wrote:
> I have been successfully building slurm RPMs for our environment using
> rpmbuild and .rpmmacros to set up our custom sysconfdir. This has stopped
> working for me with versions 21.08.7 and 21.08.8. RPMs are created but
> sysconfdir is set up to default /etc/slurm one. 21.08.6 is the last version
> that builds correctly for me. Did anyone else experience this or does
> anyone know how to get it to work?

Looking at the files, that might have altered the behaviour in the
build system, that changed between 21.08.6 and 21.08.7, so


I can't see anything likely, within Slurm, to have altered the

To reinforce what Jurgen Salk wrote though, vis

> Does it work for you if you use '%_slurm_sysconfdir' instead of 
> '%_sysconfdir' macro in your .rpmmacros file? For me it worked.

so there's a stanza in the spec-file that says

#  Allow override of sysconfdir via _slurm_sysconfdir.
#  Note 'global' instead of 'define' needed here to work around apparent
#   bug in rpm macro scoping (or something...)
%{!?_slurm_sysconfdir: %global _slurm_sysconfdir /etc/slurm}
%define _sysconfdir %_slurm_sysconfdir

so there would appear to be a known, in the Rumsfeld sense, issue there.

Add to that, that the build wrapper for Slurm on our Cray XCs, has

rpmbuild --with cray --with lua --define "_slurm_sysconfdir /etc/opt/slurm" \
   ... other stuff ...

and it all points to what Jurgen said being likely to fix the issue
you are seeing, if not explaining why you are only seeing it now.


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