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René Sitt sittr at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Mon May 23 11:24:42 UTC 2022


you might want to have a look at the auto_tmpdir plugin ( 
https://github.com/University-of-Delaware-IT-RCI/auto_tmpdir ), which 
does pretty much what you want - it creates job-specific temporary 
directories and bindmounts them into the specified locations (so the job 
will see /tmp/, /scratch/ and /dev/shm/ while these folders are actually 
located at /tmp/slurm-$jobid/, /scratch/slurm-$jobid/, and 
The bindmounts are destroyed when the job exits, so there's no need to 
manually delete them (and it's also much safer, because it also deletes 
them when the job crashes).

Note: Depending on the SLURM version you're running, you might need to 
checkout the "dir-removal-fixup" branch instead of master (iirc for 
SLURM < 20.x).

Kind regards,
René Sitt

Am 23.05.22 um 11:30 schrieb Arsene Marian Alain:
> Dear SLURM users,
> I am IT Administrator of a small scientific computing center. We 
> recently installed SLURM as a job scheduler on our Cluster and 
> everything seems to be working fine. I just have a question about how 
> to create temporary directories with SLURM.
> We use some programs for scientific calculation (such as Gromacs, 
> Gaussian, NAMD, etc.). So, the process is the following:
> When we need to launch a calculation the first step is to copy all the 
> necessary files from the local "$SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR" directory to the 
> "/scratch" of the remote node, second step is to access the "/scratch" 
> of the remote node and then run the program. Finally, when the program 
> finishes we copy all the output files from the remote node's 
> "/scratch" back to the local "$SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR" directory.
> So, is there any way to automatically generate a temporary directory 
> inside the "/scratch" of the remote node?
> At the moment I am creating that directory manually as follows:
> export SCRATCHDIR=/scratch/job.$SLURM_JOB_ID.$USER
> mkdir -p $WORKDIR
> $NAMD/namd2 +idlepoll +p11 run_eq.namd > run_eq.log
> wait
> The main problem when you create the "/scratch" manually is that in 
> case the calculation ends (successfully or unsuccessfully), users have 
> to check the "/scratch" and remove the directory manually. I know I 
> could include a line at the end of my script to delete that directory 
> when the calculation is done, but I'm sure there must be a better way 
> to do this.
> Thanks in advance for the help.
> best regards,
> Alain
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