[slurm-users] user_name attribute missing in job response from slurm rest api method jobs

Filip Holka filip.holka at savba.sk
Fri Mar 25 09:32:01 UTC 2022


Let me explain a problem I have with one of the methods from slurmrest api, namley the “jobs” method. When I issue the call:


I receive the response (which is as expected an array of jobs). However, some of the jobs (I've noticed it for some of the PENDING jobs only yet) does not have the attribute “user_ name” set (On the othe hand the standard slurm cmdline utils like squeue display the username correctly). 

    "jobs": [
       "account": "ktokar",
       "accrue_time": 1640268477,
       "admin_comment": "",
       "array_job_id": 0,
       "array_task_id": null,
       "group_id": 1003,
       "job_id": 1097151,
       "job_resources": {
       "job_state": "PENDING”,
       "tres_alloc_str": "",
       "user_id": 1081,
       "user_name": "",
       "wckey": "",
       "current_working_directory": "\/lustre\/home\/ktokar\/test\/NbO2"

The same happens, when I call the method “job" with particular job id:

curl -H "X-SLURM-USER-NAME:holka" -H "X-SLURM-USER-TOKEN:${SLURM_JWT}" <>1097151 <>

We have a mobile app for users with some statistical and accounting data, that is relying on the slurm rest API and this inconsistency in the jobs method is causing us slight problems. We have currently version 21.08.4. Could anyone help with that?

Thanks and regards, Filip.

#  Filip Holka
#  HPC administration and monitoring
#  Computing Centre of Slovak Academy of Sciences
#  Dúbravská cesta 9
#  84535 Bratislava
#  Slovakia
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#  Cell phone: +421 904 942 684
#  E-mail: filip.holka at savba.sk

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