[slurm-users] why sacct display wrong username while the UID is right?

Rémi Palancher remi at rackslab.io
Fri Mar 18 08:21:10 UTC 2022


Le dimanche 13 mars 2022 à 04:59, <taleintervenor at sjtu.edu.cn> a écrit :

> Hi all:
> […]
> So is there any guess about why only sacct display the wrong username?

I guess sacct reports the username as found in cluster_assoc_table of SlurmDBD database, linked to cluster_job_table through the id_assoc field. There might not be NSS resolution in the output.

Did the UID of phywht change over time? That would explain why the jobs are associated to this user in the SlurmDBD database.

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