[slurm-users] job requesting licenses would not be scheduled as expected

Williams, Gareth (IM&T, Black Mountain) Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Tue Mar 15 21:47:33 UTC 2022

This is what I would expect. It doesn't matter that the 7 license job has higher priority as it in ineligible to run due to the lack of licenses. The scheduler moves on and prioritises (and starts) the next eligible job.

I will suggest a workaround.  You could periodically run a script that looks for jobs requesting licenses (running and queued) and have the script make decisions and take action. I think the only easy action that is relevant in this case is to hold or release jobs. You might want to submit jobs with a hold (or do that via a submit plugin) to avoid newly submitted jobs sneaking past held jobs before your script takes action.

By the way, where only cores and nodes were considered, the highest priority job would block out resource to run as soon as possible and lower priority jobs could backfill around it. It would be complicated to make backfill consider licenses too and I doubt it has been or will be done - but I've not actually checked code or documentation.


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Hi there:
licenses requesting job would not be scheduled as expected
In my local environment--Slurm19.05, I have 2 computing nodes( 2 CPUs per node) and 40 fluent licenses.
the envs are same result:

the test steps are below:
1. submit 35 licenses and 1 CPU's job, it is running;
2. submit 7 licenses and 1 CPU's job, it is pending(licenses) with bigger priority than step 3's job;
3. submit 1 license and 1 CPU's job, it is running;

In my view, it is not right. The 7 licenses' job with higher priority should be running before 1 license's job.
is my question right?


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