[slurm-users] Is there split-brain danger when using backup slurmdbd?

taleintervenor at sjtu.edu.cn taleintervenor at sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Jun 27 16:15:44 UTC 2022

Hi, all:


We noticed that slurmdbd provide the conf option DbdBackupHost for user to
set a secondary slurmdbd node. Since slurmdbd is closely related to
database, we wonder will multiple slurmdbd bring up the split-brain danger,
which is the common topic in database high-available discussion. Will there
be any case in which slurmdbd_A and slurmdbd_B failed to recognize each
other's state and both work as active node?

Another related question is, when primary slurmdbd node work well, will
standby slurmdbd node write anything to database? If standby slurmdbd won't
write anything, then is it safe to separately connect slurmdbd_A to mysql_A,
and slurmdbd_B to mysql_B, and using multi-source replication to sync
mysql_A with mysql_B?

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