[slurm-users] GrpTRESMins and GrpTRESRaw usage

gerard.gil at cines.fr gerard.gil at cines.fr
Fri Jun 24 12:52:12 UTC 2022

Hi Miguel,

Good !!

I'll try this options on all existing QOS and see if everything works as expected.
I'll inform you on the results.

Thanks a lot


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> Hi Gérard,
> I believe so. All our accounts correspond to one project and all have an
> associated QoS with NoDecay and DenyOnLimit. This is enough to restrict usage
> on each individual project.
> You only need these flags on the QoS. The association will carry on as usual and
> fairshare will not be impacted.
> Hope that helps,
> Miguel Oliveira
>> On 24 Jun 2022, at 12:56, gerard.gil at cines.fr wrote:
>> Hi Miguel,
>>> Why not? You can have multiple QoSs and you have other techniques to change
>>> priorities according to your policies.
>> Is this answer my question ?
>> "If all configured QOS use NoDecay, we can take advantage of the FairShare
>> priority with Decay and  all jobs GrpTRESRaw with NoDecay ?"
>> Thanks
>> Best,
> > Gérard
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