[slurm-users] Heterogeneous GPU Node?

Kamil Wilczek kmwil at mimuw.edu.pl
Thu Jun 23 20:47:22 UTC 2022

I forgot about RTX 2080 Ti, they work fine with Titan X:

Name=gpu Type=rtx2080ti File=/dev/nvidia0
Name=gpu Type=rtx2080ti File=/dev/nvidia1
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia2
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia3
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia4
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia5
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia6
Name=gpu Type=titanx File=/dev/nvidia7


W dniu 23.06.2022 o 22:40, Kamil Wilczek pisze:
> Hello,
> we have both homogeneous and heterogeneous GPU servers and all of them
> work without problems. We have mixed GTX 1080 Ti, Titan V and Titan X,
> but not the more powerful cards (we have only few of them and they
> are working in the same machine).
> If the server has an adequate cooling, enough PCI-E lanes (I do not
> have experience with NVLink) and power supply with enough power
> connectors, you should not see any hardware related issues. The cards
> should not have a "gaming" build with large fans on the flat side of the
> GPU, but front-to-back airflow which will be consistent with the airflow
> in the server.
>  From the software point of view, the nVidia driver should support
> both cards. In the Slurm configuration, I marked them as
> different GRES:
> # gres.conf
> Name=gpu Type=1080ti File=/dev/nvidia0
> Name=gpu Type=1080ti File=/dev/nvidia1
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia2
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia3
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia4
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia5
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia6
> Name=gpu Type=titanv File=/dev/nvidia7
> # slurm.conf
> NodeName=... NodeAddr=... CPUs=40 Gres=gpu:1080ti:2,gpu:titanv:6 ...
> I'm not aware of any side effects of that setup. If there are any,
> I would also like to know about them :)
> Kind Regards

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