[slurm-users] MaxCPUsPerNode Clarification

Willy Markuske wmarkuske at sdsc.edu
Tue Jun 21 14:11:06 UTC 2022

Hello All,

I'm trying to clarify how the MaxCPUsPerNode can be configured. I'm 
looking to enable my "cpu" partition to run on our GPU nodes while 
ensuring there are always some cpus available for the "gpu" partition. I 
know I can set the "cpu" partition to have a MaxCPUsPerNode less than 
the number of available cpus on the GPU nodes to do this. However, I 
don't also want to limit the number of cpus available on a CPU node 
which doesn't seem possible currently because only a single partition 
definition can be included in slurm.conf.

The desired configuration would be something like this

Partition  Nodes  #CPUs Available

cpu          cpu-[01-03] 64

cpu          gpu-[01-02] 32

gpu          gpu-[01-02] 64

It doesn't seem possible to set a partition to limit MaxCPUsPerNode on a 
per node basis. Is the real solution a different partition/QOS to handle 



Willy Markuske

HPC Systems Engineer


Research Data Services

P: (619) 519-4435
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