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Manchang Yip manchangyip at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 02:50:02 UTC 2022

Hello Slurm Users,

I am experimenting with the new --prefer soft constraint option in 22.05.
The option behaves as described, but is somewhat inefficient if many jobs
with different --prefer options are submitted. Here is the scenario:
  1. submit array of 100 tasks preferring feature A, each task requires 1
  2. submit array of 100 tasks preferring feature B, each task requires 1
There are two nodes in the cluster:
  node A, 20 CPUs, has feature A
  node B, 20 CPUs, has feature B
What I observe is:
  1. 20 jobs from the *first *array are launched on node *A* (--prefer
feature A)
  2. 20 jobs from the *first *array are launched on node *B* (--prefer
feature A)
The 2nd step from above seems sub-optimal, since 20 jobs from the second
array preferring feature B could have been launched on node B instead.
Ideally, jobs that don't meet the prefer soft constraint can get a lower
priority, so that jobs that do meet the soft constraints have a chance to
be evaluated and launched. Is this possible?

If not already possible, I would like to try some ideas by modifying the
source code. From the man page, I see
*--prefer*=<*list*> <https://slurm.schedmd.com/sbatch.html#OPT_prefer>Nodes
can have *features* assigned to them by the Slurm administrator. Users can
specify which of these *features* are desired but not required by their job
using the prefer option. This option operates independently from
*--constraints* and will override whatever is set there if possible. When
scheduling the features in *--prefer* are tried first if a node set isn't
available with those features then *--constraints* is attempted. See
*--constraints* for more information, this option behaves the same way.
If someone can point me to where this fallback logic (i.e. from --prefer to
--constraint, which could be empty) is implemented in the source code
(somewhere in src/slurmctld?), I can try to hack that part and recompile
slurm, and report my findings.
Thank you,Manchang
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