[slurm-users] Persistent Interactive Jobs

Willy Markuske wmarkuske at sdsc.edu
Fri Jun 10 00:19:26 UTC 2022

Hello All,

I have a request from users for the ability to have persistent 
interactive jobs. Currently some users are using srun to allocate and 
interactive job and run their scripts but sshd will close connections 
after 2 hours to prevent hanging ssh connections. They want to spawn an 
R or python shell to work in directly for testing.

I've attempted to use salloc and ssh to attach to the job but 
allocations are relinquished when the user leaves the submit node. Is 
there an easy way for a user to create a job allocation that spawns a 
terminal they can attach and unattach from? I'm looking at different 
ways to create a job that will spawn tmux and stay open, but it would be 
great if there was a way to directly attach/dettach to the output of a 
spawned terminal they could just ssh too.



Willy Markuske

HPC Systems Engineer


Research Data Services

P: (619) 519-4435
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