[slurm-users] sacct show wrong data, Re-Using uid

Simon Kainz simon.kainz at tugraz.at
Tue Jun 7 06:53:11 UTC 2022


we are running 2 SLURM clusters with a single slurmdb host (debian
bullseye,20.11.7+really20.11.4-2 )  both
clusters use this host for accounting.

On one cluster, we removed a give nuser (due to account expiry), and created a
new one, with a different username but effectively the same UID.

The new user has not yet consumed any compunitng reosuces, but running
sacct, i get the CPUTimeRaw values from the previous user, but with the
new username.

in [0] it says

"Accounting is maintained by user name (not user ID), but
a given user name should refer to the same person across all of the

so i think this should not be an issue, but it still is.

Any ideas, how i might resolve this issue? Maybe the only possibility is
to make sure userids are not reused...

Thank you.


[0] https://slurm.schedmd.com/accounting.html#infrastructure
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