[slurm-users] how to allocate high priority to low cpu and memory jobs

Rémi Palancher remi at rackslab.io
Fri Jan 28 08:21:06 UTC 2022

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Le mardi 25 janvier 2022 à 22:22, <z148x at arcor.de> a écrit :

> Dear all,
> how can I reverse the priority, so that jobs with high cpu and memory
> have a low priority?
> The Priority/Multifactor plugin it is possible to calculate high
> priority for high cpu and memory jobs.
> With PriorityFavorSmall, jobs with a lower cpu number have a high
> priority, but this only works for cpu, not memory.

Well, there are several options available for this use case, and the best choice mostly depends of your current configuration.

Additionnaly to Michael proposal with the partitions, you could also set up a QOS for low memory jobs, with a high priority and MaxTRESPerJob.

Rémi Palancher
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