[slurm-users] Secondary Unix group id of users not being issued in interactive srun command

Ratnasamy, Fritz fritz.ratnasamy at chicagobooth.edu
Fri Jan 28 05:56:03 UTC 2022


I have a similar issue as described on the following link (
A machine had some existing local permissions.  We have added it as a
compute node  to our cluster via Slurm. When running an srun interactive
session on that server,
it would seem that the LDAP groups shadow the local groups.
johndoe at ecolonnelli:~ $ groups
Faculty_Collab ecolonnelli_access #Those are LDAP groups
johndoe at ecolonnelli:~ $ groups johndoe
johndoe : Faculty_Collab projectsbrasil core rais rfb polconnfirms johndoe
vpce rfb_all backup_johndoe ecolonnelli_access

The issue is that now the user can not access folders that have
his local group permissions (such as projectsbrasil,rais, rfb, core ect..)
when he request an interative session to that compute node
Is there any solution to that issue?

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