[slurm-users] strigger being called but program not executing (take 2)

John Yost hokiegeek2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 15:47:12 UTC 2022

whoops, I guess images are not supported, sorry about that!

Here's what i am seeing:

$ sbatch simple.slurm
Submitted batch job 523
$ strigger --set --jobid=523 --fini --program=/bin/echo "job complete" >>
$ strigger --get --jobid=523
TRIG_ID RES_TYPE   RES_ID TYPE                                OFFSET USER
      2 job           523 fini                                     0 slurm

slurmctld log:

[2022-01-18T15:19:59.171] _job_complete: JobId=523 done
[2022-01-18T15:20:19.328] trigger uid=1338 type=job:fini exit=1:0

Although the trigger is fired, the trigger.txt file is never written, so it
seems to be there is a problem executing the program I've defined, but I
don't see any errors in slurmctld.log. Any ideas?


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