[slurm-users] Questions about scontrol reconfigure / reconfig

Nicolas Greneche nicolas.greneche at univ-paris13.fr
Mon Jan 17 14:44:13 UTC 2022

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your kind reply. I found the information, it is planned 
for version 23.02 :

https://slurm.schedmd.com/SLUG21/Roadmap.pdf slide "Truly Dynamic Nodes".

Kind regards,

Le 17/01/2022 à 07:16, Christopher Samuel a écrit :
> On 1/16/22 7:41 pm, Nicolas Greneche wrote:
>> I add a new compute node in config file so, Nodename becomes :
> When adding a node you need to restart slurmctld and all the slurmd's as 
> they (currently) can only rebuild their internal structures for this at 
> that time. This is meant to be addressed in a future major Slurm release 
> (can't remember which one sorry).
> https://slurm.schedmd.com/faq.html#add_nodes
> All the best,
> Chris

Nicolas Greneche
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