[slurm-users] sacctmgr list associations boolean

Willy Markuske wmarkuske at sdsc.edu
Thu Jan 13 15:24:03 UTC 2022


I have multiple organizations sharing a cluster and created different 
parent accounts with child accounts to control QOS and resource usage 
maximums. I know it's possible to tell each individual group to use

'sacctmgr list associations account=<comma list of relevant accounts>'

to show all the accounts they are interested in without viewing the full 
list. This requires the user to know the full list of slurm accounts to 
run though. It's also possible to do

'sacctmgr list associations where parent=<organization account>'

to show all the child accounts for the organization but doesn't show 
associations for the parrent itself.

Is there a way to use boolean operators when calling sacctmgr? I would 
like to run something like

'sacctmgr list associations where account=<org> and parent=<org>'

to show the associations for a parent organization and all it's children 
without showing all other organizations.


Willy Markuske

HPC Systems Engineer


Research Data Services

P: (619) 519-4435
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