[slurm-users] Building Slurm with UCX support

Matthias Leopold matthias.leopold at meduniwien.ac.at
Wed Jan 12 16:54:27 UTC 2022


I'm compiling Slurm with ansible playbooks from NVIDIA deepops framework 
(https://github.com/NVIDIA/deepops). I'm trying to add UCX support. How 
can I tell if UCX is actually included in the resulting binaries 
(without actually using Slurm)? I was looking at executables and *so 
files with ldd, but found no reference to the UCX installation in 

- I'm struggling with the build system using a non-existent path 
(PMIXP_UCX_LIBPATH=\"/usr/lib64\"). The last ugly hack was to create a 
symlink from /usr/lib/ucx to /usr/lib64/ucx
- I can't easily test actual operation of MPI with UCX because I'm on a 
limited test/dev system and (frankly) because I'm not yet a MPI expert

The configure string used is:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-dependency-tracking 
--disable-debug --disable-x11 --enable-really-no-cray 
--enable-salloc-kill-cmd --with-hdf5=no --sysconfdir=/etc/slurm 
--enable-pam --with-pam_dir=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/security 
--with-shared-libslurm --without-rpath --with-pmix=/opt/deepops/pmix 
--with-hwloc=/opt/deepops/hwloc --with-ucx=/usr


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