[slurm-users] Get required memory from jcomp_elasticsearch.c

Elisabeth Ortega elisabeth.ortega at hpcnow.com
Mon Feb 21 08:17:54 UTC 2022

Hi there,

we're using the jcomp_elasticsearch.c plugin (
to get some data for monitoring but we have to use the slurm-perlapi to
gather the information related to the required memory due to the lack of
memory information in the C plugin. Our problem here is the quantity of
dependencies that has to be installed to have the slurm-perlapi running.
Then, our ideas is to have all the code in C.

To solve this we are thinking in 2 approaches:
1) Try to do the same than slurm-perlapi but in C (if I'm not confused it
uses something like
2) Modify the code to create (and feed) a new memory variable inside the
"job_record" structure defined in

The effort is not the same in both tasks and we want to have the opinion of
the slurm devs and the community before moving forward.

So, what do you think, option 1, 2 or another solution?

Thanks in advance!

Elisabeth Ortega Carrasco • Computational Scientist
elisabeth.ortega at hpcnow.com
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